The craft are designed to a particularly high basic specification to ensure a robust and seaworthy boat. Collars are Hypalon and available in any colour selectable from the current suppliers list.

The hull and deck are fabricated in dropthread neoprene, available in grey or black. The transom is wood or for customers who prefer it a composite which is lightweight.

Many inflatables require solid flooring to be added to provide stiffening from the effects of engine thrust. The DBA RRIB has an innovative solution to this problem which ensures that the boat does not “flex” when accelerating under load nor does it require extra flooring and consequential weight. This innovation also enables the boat to quickly get on the plane, improving the boats overall speed.

Potential customers should note that speeds of 26 knots have been achieved with a crew of 4 plus kit utilizing twin 25HP OBM. The craft can be maintained on the plane with a single 25HP OBM offering economical transits. Higher speeds can be achieved with bigger and heavier engines, but this defeats the object of reducing weight overall to achieve only a small increase in performance.

Seakeeping properties are considerably better than standard inflatables and the craft has been safely operated in winds up to 45 knots in riverine transits, maintaining a safe speed around 20 knots in 2m seas.

The DBA RRIB is also designed to considerably reduce crew fatigue. The hull design reduces the shock transmissions throughout the hull. The hull penetration in higher sea states allows a higher transit speed and the long term whole body vibration and shock/jerk experienced by operators is mitigated.

Inflation can be achieved by hand pump or via compressed air bottles. Inflation speeds vary depending on customer requirement but in extreme cases it can be as quick as 30 seconds for full inflation, allowing a completed launch in one and a half minutes with a well trained crew.

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