• Light weight (110kg)
  • Quickly inflated
  • Heavy load carrier
  • Faster than conventional inflatables
  • Seakeeping qualities of a standard RIB

The Worlds First Fully inflatable RIB

De Batts RRIB Associates Ltd was founded in 2003 by four very experienced RIB users who saw that there was a requirement for an inflatable that had the operating characteristics of a conventional RIB. It also needed to be lighter and more easily transportable but still perform well.

The team consists of three ex-servicemen(RN/RM./MoD) who as users have operated boats, been involved with the design and accepted them from industry for the last 20 years. The fourth member of the team is very experienced in the production of various inflatable craft for rescue organizations and river expeditions. The De Batts team have spent the last four years designing and perfecting the World's first fully inflatable RIB.


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